What We Do

Media Visibility

Media Promotion

Press Release and Coverage

We assist clients with press releases and coverage of their activities, events, and achievements. This involves contacting news houses and journalists, drafting and issuing press content to be published, and ensuring the content abides with both the client’s and news house’s standards.


We assist clients with their print and online advertisement plans and execute their media promotions on their behalf. These can be in the form of print ads, online ads, interactive videos, google ads, social media ads, engagements, etc, to help you reach your audience and have a significant and positive impact on your business and brand.

Event Sponsorship, Participation, and Organizing

We assist clients to get the necessary media and physical exposure they need for their brand and services via conferences, fairs, webinars, or awards participation. We also create these events on behalf of our clients and ensure they receive the necessary publicity it deserves.


Marketing Consulting

Marketing Services

We offer marketing consulting services to clients who require a market research, internal and external audit, need to improve their brand image and increase awareness of their products or services, or require a media marketing strategy to help them achieve their goal.  


Technology Solutions

Cloud Services

We cater to clients of all sizes and varying business operations and locations with top-class cloud services functions and advice to help me meet their immediate and growing flexibility and adaptability needs. Our focus cloud services are Cloud Backup & Recovery, Microsoft 365 products, CRM, and Google and Zoho Business Emails

Internet Connectivity

We assist our clients with internet connectivity wherever they may be to run their business effectively and efficiently.

The internet we provide through our partners is a Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and its transmitted via Fiber optics, Radio, or VSAT connection. With a DIA connection, your business with a guaranteed speed and reliability will be placed on an unshared network ( a dedicated network) and would receive premium customer service.

Hardware Purchase

We assist clients with their hardware purchases by identifying the best product, sourcing and negotiating cost and service and delivering the products to the client.

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