Business transformation through marketing strategies and technology solutions

Our clients are the reason we exist and are at the core of our operations
Kenny Amasike (Managing Consultant)
Our Services

Media Promotion

Increase your visibility

We assist clients gain media visibility they need to improve their brand recognition, increase their revenue, and position their business as the go-to place for the services they offer.

Marketing Consulting

On-demand Support

We offer marketing consulting services to clients who require a market research, internal and external audit, need to improve their brand image and increase awareness of their products or services, or require a media marketing strategy to help them achieve their goal.  

Technology Solutions

Improve productivity

We help our clients improve their productivity and become more efficient in their business by assisting source, negotiating, and purchasing technology solutions they need to improve their businesses.

Our Process

How We Work

Understanding your business

We start by understanding what your business is about, how your business operates, your target audience, what media promotions or technology solutions you need to take to you to the point you want to be.

Research and findings

Based on our understanding of your business, we get to work to research, source and negotiate on your behalf the best solutions we believe is right for you.

Solution presentation

We present our findings and recommendations to you and also help you with the required implementation and monitoring, and modification if necessary for the intended purpose is achieved.

What We're Into

About Us

Who We Are

Your marketing and technology solutions company

Comjects7 is a marketing consultancy and technology solutions company that focuses on assisting businesses with media marketing promotions and technology solutions for your needs and at an affordable cost.

Why Us

Why Choose Us

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We look at issues from an unbiased and objective approach, without any invested interest or emotional constraints to identify roots problems and recommend professional solutions.

Criticial Thinking

Our experiences in various industries help us to think outside the box, take a holistic view on factors affecting your business, while bringing in our knowledge and skills into the process.

Value Service

We would ensure that we deliver on time and on budget and that the solutions we recommend will be monitored to achieve the desired result.

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